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Cash Management Review Board

R.S. 39:371 – 372 established the Cash Management Review Board (CMRB) and mandated the CMRB must approve and authorize all banking and checking accounts opened or to be opened by state agencies.

To facilitate the collection and analysis of requirements for establishing or re-purposing agency bank accounts, a bank application form must be submitted with required documentation. A continuation form is available to accommodate situations where the amount of information to be provided is greater than a standard application.

Both forms are in PDF format and can be accessed by clicking on the following links.

(1) Bank Account Application Form (CMRB001)

(2) Continuation Sheet (CMR002)

Completed forms, with required documentation, must be submitted to:

Louisiana Department of Treasury
Fiscal Control Division
P.O. Box 44154
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Please reach out to the following with any questions or concerns:

Fiscal Director: Lindsay Schexnayder, CPA                225-342-0051

Assistant Director: Mary Kathryn Drago                                225-342-0011

Banking Manager: Brent Manuel                                               225-342-0049

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