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Statewide LaGov Payments

 / Statewide LaGov Payments

Statewide Payments Issued Through LaGov

ACH/EFT payments are issued on a daily basis once entered and approved in LaGov.  Payments are processed the next working day after a state or banking holiday.


Checks are printed and mailed every Tuesday and Friday, with the exception of state holidays.  Single flagged checks are held at State Treasury for pickup by the agency requesting the check.  Checks will be available for pick up around noon on check print days barring any delays from State Mail.  Pickup is located in the Capitol Annex, Room 120, 1051 North Third Street.


Questions related to check pick up should be directed to Mark Willie at or 225.342.0025.

Same Day Wire Payments

Agencies requesting a same day wire should email the Same Day Wire Form to Treasury at before noon on the day the wire is needed to be processed.  Treasury’s Investments section needs at least a 24-hour notice for all wires over $1 million.

Replacement or Reversal of Payments

Agencies needing to replace or reverse a LaGov payment should complete the Replace/Reverse LaGov Check or EFT Payment Form and submit to

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