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Deputy Sheriffs' Supplemental Pay Program

The Deputy Sheriffs’ Supplemental Pay Program (DSSP) is created in LA R.S. 40:1667, et al.  DSSP is governed by a board that is comprised of the State Treasurer, or his designee; Commissioner of Administration, or his designee; and, a designee from the Louisiana Sheriff’s Association.


The DSSP Board approved a manual for the administration of the program for Sheriffs.  The current manual, effective January 1, 2023, can be accessed here. DSSP Manual

Beginning January 2023, the monthly reporting to Department of Treasury will be submitted via an online portal that can be accessed here. DSSP Electronic Reporting

Tips and instructions relating to the new online portal can be accessed here. Instructions


For any questions, please contact:

Bridget Theriot at (225)342-0060 or

Nicholas Boudreaux at (225)342-3553 or

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