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Administration- (225) 342-0010

Rachel Kincaid, First Assistant

The Administration Division is responsible for the necessary functions of an office including Scheduling, Communications, Human Resources, Outreach, and Legislative Affairs.


Fiscal Control- (225) 342-0051

Lindsay Schexnayder, Chief Financial Officer

The Fiscal Division administers the state’s constitutional and statutory funds created within the state treasury. This includes providing an account of all receipts and controlling fund disbursements out of the state treasury. The Fiscal Division also administers the backbone of the state’s cash management program. This entails accounting for a massive central depository bank account which pools state cash resources to provide the opportunity for the greatest investment earnings.


Investments- (225) 342-0013

John Broussard, Chief Investments Officer

The Investments Division manages over $5 billion in investments in over 30 portfolios. These funds range in size and include the funds that make up the state’s general fund and state trust funds for health care, education and transportation. The Investments Division also manages the investments in the START college savings program.

Unclaimed Property- (225) 219-9400

Kathleen Lobell, Director

The Unclaimed Property Division is the primary source for returning money to the citizens of Louisiana. Each year businesses turn over millions of dollars in unclaimed cash, stocks, bonds, securities and insurance proceeds to the State Treasurer’s Office. The money is called “Unclaimed Property,” and it becomes lost through the normal course of business. The Department of Treasury offers an easy and free resource to citizens to find and collect their unclaimed money.


State Bond Commission- (225) 342-0040

Lela Folse, Director

The State Bond Commission receives applications from parishes, municipalities, special taxing districts, and other political subdivisions of the State, requesting authority to incur debt or levy taxes. These applications are reviewed for compliance with Constitutional and statutory requirements and feasibility, including the ability to repay any indebtedness incurred. If the applications are in order, they are placed on an agenda for consideration by the State Bond Commission at a regular or special meeting. Treasurer Schroder chairs and oversees the 14 member State Bond Commission committee, which meets monthly. 


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