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Department of Treasury Main St Recovery Grant Program

Check information

We've answered your most common questions about checks from the Louisiana Main Street Recovery Program.

When should I expect to receive my grand award check?

Grant award checks are typically processed for delivery during the Grant Award Funding stage. You should expect to receive your grant award payment within five to ten (5-10) business days after the Grant Award funding phase is complete. If you do not receive your check within 3 weeks, please follow the steps outlined below to report the check lost or stolen. Please note that an application may be re-evaluated any stage of the review process which may pause or stop payments.

What should I do if I suspect my check is lost or stolen?

Once the application reaches Grant Award Funding phase, the applicant should expect to receive the check within the next ten to fifteen business (10-15) days. Your check is sent via USPS First Class mail to the business mailing address found on your application. USPS does not offer a tracking service. Be sure to watch your mail for a double window secure #10 envelope made payable to the legal business name on your grant application.

If you don’t receive your check within three weeks and you suspect it may have been lost or stolen, please contact 888-795-4947 to have the check reissued. You will be asked to verify the legal business name and the business mailing address provided in your application. A stop payment will be placed on the original check and a new check will be issued. You should receive a notice in the applicant portal once the new check is mailed. Please allow four to eight (4-8) weeks for processing and delivery.

What should I do if I don’t have a business checking account and the bank won’t accept my check?

Your grant award check will be printed with the legal business name as entered into the MSRP application listed as the payee. If you receive your grant award check and realize that you aren’t able to deposit the funds because you don’t have a business account or the business name listed is incorrect, you can either open a new business account at your local banking institution, or you may contact 888-795-4947 to request a new check made payable to the primary business owner. The legal business name will only be updated after the review of supporting documentation and verification.

Is it possible to update my business mailing address?

Grant award checks will be sent to the business mailing address listed on your application. If for some reason you need to update the business mailing address, you may be asked to provide proof of address. Business mailing addresses will only be updated after the review of supporting documentation and verification. Acceptable documentation for address verification can include a recent utility bill, lease agreement, or official mail.

How can I request to have the check reissued?

In order to have your check reissued, you will need to contact the 888-795-4947 and state the reason why you would like the check reissued.  You will also be asked to submit the request in writing in the applicant portal. If you request to have your check reissued, please understand that there could be substantial delay in processing and allow four to eight (4-8) weeks for delivery. Grant award checks cannot be traced, expedited or be made available for pickup.

Who can I call if my bank or financial institution needs to verify the MSRP check before cashing?

If your bank or financial institution requires check verification before releasing the funds to your account, the bank customer service representative can call 888-795-4947. This number should also be listed at the bottom of your check stub. Program representatives are able to verify the legal business name, check number, issue date and payment amount.

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