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2022-2024 Press Releases

June 26, 2024 State Treasurer Announces Bond Commission Approvals


June 11, 2024 State Treasury Delivering Results for Louisiana 


June 4, 2024 $5.1 Million in Unclaimed Property Checks on The Way


May 22, 2024 Treasurer Fleming Condemns Plot To Take Over Exxon


May 15, 2024 Treasurer Fleming Expresses Strong Support For Israel


April 30, 2024 HB 836 Creates Higher Fees Without a Vote of the Public


April 25, 2024 Treasurer Fleming Puts Bank of America on Notice


April 22, 2024 State Treasurer Reaffirms Opposition to HB 836


April 15, 2024 Treasurer Fleming Opposes IRS Tax-Filing Program


April 12, 2024 Treasurer Opposes Unconstitutional Bill to Impose Massive Fees on Citizens Without Vote of People - Against HB 836


March 21, 2024 S&P Global Makes Upgrade to State of Louisiana Bond Rating


February 26, 2024 State Treasurer Dr. John Fleming Ronald Reagan Newsmaker Luncheon in Lafayette

February 9, 2024 Treasurer John Fleming Supports Governor's Call for Special Session on Crime


February 8, 2024 Statement on Proposed Sale of BCBS Louisiana

February 6, 2024 Treasurer Fleming supports Gov. Landry sending Louisiana National Guard troops to Texas border

January 31, 2024 Governor Landry dedicates Feb. 1, 2024 to Treasury's Unclaimed Property efforts 

January 31, 2024 Treasurer Fleming calls for Mayorkas' impeachment

January 18, 2024 Treasury Unclaimed Property to assist with searches at Money Moves


January 18, 2024 Treasurer Fleming condemns potential SEC rule change, NYSE withdraws request


November 6, 2023 Treasurer Schroder: 'Constitutional cleanup deserves voter attention'

November 3, 2023 New Money! LA Treasury Unclaimed Property Receives $7.9 Million in Unclaimed Tax Refunds

November 1, 2023 LA and MS Treasury Reunite Citizens with more than $550k over Two-Day Event

October 27, 2023 Bring home the Bacon at the Pancake Festival

October 11, 2023 Schroder directs investment, warns against Israeli boycotts

October 11, 2023  LA Treasury’s Unclaimed Property Program Joins 2023 Veterans Appreciation Expo in St. Tammany

October 2, 2023 Louisiana Treasury Publishes List of Unclaimed Property Owners 

August 22, 2023   Schroder hails S&Ps ESG ratings drop as progess

August 14, 2023   LA Treasury Unclaimed Property, LA Wallet team up to reunite citizens with lost money

July 17, 2023       Schroder stresses need for financial disaster plans

July 5, 2023         Schroder backs ESG transparency bill

June 20, 2023      Schroder confirms safety of Treasury data, accounts

June 15, 2023     Schroder calls for taxpayer electronic payment convenience

June 8, 2023         Schroder releases statement upon Session sine die

June 9, 2023         Schroder points to 0.31% of $45B in-state investing as motivation for retirement funds reporting


June 5, 2023       Schroder reports relief program fraud indictments, calls for more aggressive anti-fraud action

May 24, 2023       $4.4 million in Unclaimed Property checks hitting mailboxes across the state

May 16, 2023       Treasurer Schroder backs financial literacy bill, volunteers to raise funds for curricula

May 13,2023        LA Treasury returns record-breaking $904k during unclaimed property event in Metairie

May 12, 2023      Treasurer Schroder and Staff to Lakeside Shopping Center to return unclaimed funds to citizens


May 2, 2023        State Treasurer John M. Schroder decries backward policy to punish those with high credit scores


Apr 28, 2023        Louisiana Treasury returns $120,000 in checks to North Oaks Health System employees

Apr 24,2023         LA Treasury Annual Unclaimed Property Event at Lakeside Shopping Center

Apr 14,2023         Schroder launches ‘Veterans Cash Claim’


Apr 5, 2023          Treasurer Schroder Launches 50th Anniversary of Louisiana's Unclaimed Property Program


Mar 31, 2023        Treasurer John M. Schroder’s Schedule for April 3

Mar 28, 2023        Treasurer John M. Schroder’s Schedule for March 29

Mar 20, 2023         Treasurer Schroder assures the public of state funding's security 


Feb 24, 2023         Treasurer Schroder Leads First Virtual Meeting Allowed By Law

Feb 1, 2023           Treasurer Schroder Launches Unclaimed Property Great Employee Give Back of 2023 at BR General

Jan 30, 2023         Treasurer Schroder to deliver 572 Unclaimed Property Checks to Baton Rouge General Employees on Unclaimed                                                       Property Day

Jan 9. 2023           Treasurer Schroder Issues Warning Following Social Media and Web-Based "Unclaimed Compensation" Ads

Jan 3, 2023           Treasurer Schroder Closes Out Grants for Movie Theaters

Dec 31, 2022         Search For Your Missing Money in Louisiana and 48 Other States, All From One Website

Dec 22, 2022         START Saving Plans are Gifts that Keep Giving

Dec 6, 2022          Treasurer Schroder Helps Launch ESG Awareness Campaign

Dec 6, 2022          Treasurer Schroder Releases Statement Regarding Investment Procedures Article

Nov 23, 2022        Eligibility reviews underway for LA Loggers Grant applications 

Nov 22, 2022         State Bond Commission OKs housing bonds


Nov 21, 2022         Look for more multi-state events modeled after LA-TX Unclaimed Property collaboration

Nov 18, 2022         SBC Actions Provide for Ferry Service, Bridge Work

Nov 10, 2022         Louisiana Treasury Receives $8 Million in Uncashed tax Refunds

Nov 4, 2022           Treasurer Schroder announces first-ever LA-TX Unclaimed Property Collaboration

Nov, 3, 2022          Treasurer Schroder promotes free financial literacy conference  ‘Money Moves BR’ set Nov. 12 at BRCC

Oct 31, 2022          Treasurer John M. Schroder Extends Loggers Relief Grant Application Deadline

Oct 28, 2022          Treasurer Schroder Announces Record-Breaking Unclaimed Property Returns

Oct 27, 2022          Treasurer Schroder Urges Support of Constitutional Amendment No. 1

Oct 24, 2022          Does Louisiana Treasury Have Money that Belongs to You?

Oct 21, 2022          Schroder Announces PRAG as Bond Commission Advisor

Oct 5, 2022            Schroder Protects Treasury Funds from ESG by Divesting $794M from BlackRock 

Sept 30, 2022         State Treasurer John M. Schroder Continues Crusade to Expand Taxpayer Payment Options

Sept 23, 2022         Treasurer Schroder Releases $95 Million for Tangi Flood Suit

Sept 22, 2022         Treasurer John M. Schroder Reports Loggers Program First Day Results Near Half Million

Sept 18, 2022         Treasurer John M. Schroder set to Disperse More Relief Funds to Loggers

Sept 12, 2022         Schroder, Waguespack Encourage Public Entities to Review CEA Debt Requirements

August 31, 2022     LA Treasury Unclaimed Money Webinar for Businesses Scheduled for September 1 at 10am CST

August 22, 2022     Treasurer John M. Schroder Reports First UCP Trust Fund Deposit

August 11, 2022      Louisiana Treasury to Host Unclaimed Money Webinar for Businesses

August 10, 2022     HoopLA 2022 Legislative Rivalry Replay Available Online

August 5, 2022       Treasurer John M. Schroder Elected Chair of National Financial Organization

July 26, 2022          Treasurer John M. Schroder Urges Disability Service Expansion

July 8, 2022            State Treasurer John M. Schroder Calls For Statewide Online Payment Options

June 28, 2022          Louisiana State Treasurer John M. Schroder Steers Online Gambling Funds Back Into the Economy

June 20, 2022          Treasurer John M. Schroder condemns proposed SEC rule to add ESG to disclosures 

June 20, 2022          SFOF Sends Letter to SEC Highlighting Key Concerns with Controversial ESG Disclosure Rule

June 20, 2022          SFOF Comment Letter to SEC - Enhancement and Standardization of Climate-Related Disclosures

June 10, 2022          State Treasurer John Schroder confirms Louisiana is ready to receive $176M in federal broadband funds

June 6, 2022            Treasurer John M. Schroder issues statement on the end of the 2022 Regular Legislative Session

June 3, 2022            Virtual Meetings Act for State Bond Commission captures savings and increases public access

June 1, 2022            Louisiana State Treasurer John M. Schroder Urges Louisianans to make a Financial Disaster Plan

May 26, 2022          Treasury Sends $4.8 Million in Unclaimed Property Checks to Citizens Across Louisiana

May 25, 2022          Louisiana State Treasurer John M. Schroder's Statement on Moody's Investor Service Upgrade

May 25, 2022          Louisiana State Treasurer John M. Schroder decries ESD-infused S&P rating process as political tyranny (full)

May 17, 2022            Louisiana State Treasurer Comments on Louisiana Legislative Audit Report on Main Street Recovery Grant                                                                Program

May 16, 2022           Louisiana State Treasurer Issues Statement on the Revenue Estimating Conference Forecast

May 13, 2022           Advisory - Annual Unclaimed Property Event at Lakeside Shopping Center this Saturday, May 14th

May 11, 2022            Announcement of Annual Unclaimed Property Event at Lakeside Shopping Center on Saturday, May 14th 

April 19, 2022          Louisiana State Treasurer John M. Schroder Offers Tips on Preventing Your Money from Becoming Unclaimed                                                          Property

April 8, 2022            Louisiana's Unclaimed Property Program Received National Award

April 5, 2022            Treasurer John M. Schroder Joins in Declaration of America's Energy Independence

March 8, 2022         Treasurer John M. Schroder Signs Bipartisan Joint Statement on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

February 2, 2022     Louisiana State Treasurer John M. Schroder Launches New Unclaimed Property Promotion On National                                                                      Unclaimed Property Day

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