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Acceptance of Electronic Payments by State Agencies

In accordance with LRS 49:316.1, the treasurer shall designate the types of electronic payments accepted by the state, as well as, state charges relating to third party solutions.  The statute also requires the treasurer to annually publish a list of approved credit card, debit card or similar devices by which any state will be authorized to accept for payment of an obligation the brands accepted.


For an agency to charge a convenience fee for accepting electronic payments, the agency must obtain a recommendation from the state treasurer and approval by both the Senate Committee on Revenue and Fiscal Affairs and the House Committee on Ways and Means.  The agency is also required to disclose the convenience fee being charged and the payor must have the option to cancel the transaction at that time.


Agencies should send a letter requesting a recommendation from the state treasurer to charge the convenience fee to Lindsay Schexnayder at


Treasury currently has a contract with US Bank and Elavon to provide merchant services, the acceptance of electronic payments.  This contract was executed in October of 2019, and is currently set to expire in October of 2024.


In accordance with LRS 49:316.1 and La. Admin. Code tit. 71, Sec. 105(2003), the credit card brands currently accepted by the State of Louisiana are Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.


Please reach out to the following with any questions of concerns:


Fiscal Director: Lindsay Schexnayder, CPA            225-342-0051

Assistant Director: Mary Kathryn Drago                            225-342-0011

Banking Manager: Brent Manuel                                           225-342-0049

Analyst: Mark Willie                                                                         225-342-0025

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