2020-2021 Press Releases

February 18, 2021       Moody’s Revises Louisiana’s Outlook To Positive

February 1, 2021         Feb. 1 Designated as National Unclaimed Property Day

January 28, 2021         Main Street Recovery Grant Program Wraps Up After Helping 20,751 Small Businesses

January 15, 2021         Two Rating Agencies Upgrade Ratings for Louisiana’s Highway Improvement Bonds

November 20, 2020      Main Street Recovery To Spend Additional $2.3 Million on Grants

November 6, 2020        Louisiana Treasury Receives $5.2 Million in Uncashed Tax Refunds

November 4, 2020        Louisiana Voters Create Unclaimed Property Trust Fund

October 5, 2020           Louisiana Treasury Saves Taxpayers $43.2 Million by Refinancing State’s Construction Debt

September 29, 2020     Main Street Recovery Program Halts Applications After Obligating All Available Funding

September 25, 2020     State Treasurer Schroder Issues Statement On Governor’s Proposal To Reduce Main Street Recovery Program

September 24, 2020     Budget Sweeps Cause Unclaimed Property Program To Fall Short Of Money To Pay Claims    


September 21, 2020     Main Street Recovery Program Obiligates $170 Million To Help Louisiana's Small Businesses

September 18, 2020     Main Street Recovery Program Awards $40 Million To Businesses Owned By Minorities, Women And Veterans


September 3, 2020       Main Street Recovery Program Awards $19 Million to Small Businesses Across Louisiana 

August 19, 2020           Louisiana Treasury Returns A Record $62.7 Million In Unclaimed Property

August 18, 2020           Treasurer Schroder: Main Street Grants Now Can Be Paid To Additional Small Businesses


July 10, 2020               Main Street Recovery Program Website Is Now Live

July 2, 2020                 Louisiana Voters To Decide On Protecting Unclaimed Property

July 1, 2020                 Treasurer Schroder: Main Street To Start Taking Grant Applications By July 28

May 22, 2020               House Advances Legislation to Protect Unclaimed Property


May 11, 2020               Treasurer Schroder: Unclaimed Property Money Does Not Belong in the State Budget


May 5, 2020                 House Appropriations Committee Pass Legislation to Protect Citizens' Unclaimed Property Funds

April 22, 2020               Treasury Reunites Louisiana Citizens With $10.4 Million in Unclaimed Property


April 10, 2020               Treasurer Schroder Warns Public To Be Wary of Unclaimed Property Scams 


April 2, 2020                 Treasury Partners with Revenue Department to Pay $4 Million in Unclaimed Property Claims


March 5, 2020               State Bond Commission Approves $350 Million in Bonds

February 7, 2020           Treasurer Schroder Issues Statement On Unclaimed Property Lawsuit

January 31, 2020           State Treasurer John M. Schroder announces Executive Staff Appointments


December 12, 2019        State Treasurer John Schroder Will Not Transfer Unclaimed Property Money To General Fund

October 18, 2019           Local Governments Save $9.3 Million by Refinancing Debt

August 22, 2019            State Treasurer John Schroder Releases Office Progress Report


July 29, 2019                Treasurer Schroder Commends Legislation Supporting Veterans


June 7, 2019                 State Treasurer John Schroder Provides Comments on the 2019 Legislative Session


May 14, 2019                Treasurer John Schroder Encourages Support of Unclaimed Property Revolving Loan 

March 19, 2019             Department of Treasury Mails Second Round of Unclaimed Property Check

January 17, 2020          Louisiana Asset Management Pool Celebrates 25 Years

November 19, 2019       Age Limit to Participate in Disability Savings Program Should Be Raised

October 18, 2019          Treasury Publishes Names of Citizens Owed Unclaimed Property in Newspapers Statewide

September 19, 2019      Treasury Opens Up the Vault to Shine a Light on State Debt and Investments

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